Self-Confidence & Determination ~ Black Onyx, Carnelian and Smokey Quartz Gold Filled Necklace



Product Description


The stones in this combination provide the wearer with energy, grounding & determination.


Black Onyx – A strong grounding stone – Helps to defend against negativity that may be directed at the wearer – Helps to relieve negative feelings – Brings self-confidence – Sharpens the senses


Carnelian – A strong energy stone – Helps the wearer by increasing personal power and bringing courage and compassion when needed – Brings determination and inner strength – Helps to heal circulation, appetite and memory.


Smokey Quartz – A grounding stone – Transmute negative energies – Helps to relieve depression – Increases the ability to get things done – Gives you a joy of living.





Gold Filled Chain & Clasp


All stones are made to order, wire wrapped with love


Genuine AAA gemstones